Case Study: How One Restaurant Upgraded Their Table Management, Online Ordering, and Loyalty Program With Just One Solution

There are more than a few things that set the Mews Tavern, a Rhode Island restaurant and bar, apart from the rest. From its dollar bill wall decor to the giant tree their dining room was built around, they’ve established themselves as a unique staple in their community. In fact, they were recently voted “best neighborhood bar” and “best beer on tap” in Rhode Island Monthly’s Annual Reader’s Poll. Their claim to fame is having 69 craft beers on tap, served up beside locally sourced, seasonal pub fare.

More (seating) options, more problems

Those 69 taps help make up a restaurant with three unique bars and a dining room with a giant tree in the center, serving families, adults, and many to-go orders. Basically, the Mews Tavern is a very large restaurant. So large that it was getting to be a problem keeping track of open tables and giving guests accurate wait times. They knew some kind of table management system was needed.

In addition, Mews Tavern was also looking to switch over their loyalty program and find a better way to handle their to-go orders. All while going through the process of getting a new POS system setup. And of course, the solution needed to be easy to use by staff and their entire customer base while being flexible enough to handle their large, changing menu and promotions.

This was no small order.

TableUp to the rescue

Fortunately, they found TableUp, an app that offers restaurants a custom, all-in-one guest retention platform that works seamlessly with their POSitouch system. The TableUp team worked with the Mews Tavern to provide a table management system, saving the hosts a ton of time and effort and increasing the accuracy of their wait time quotes. They also paired with a Mews Tavern app that gave customers the ability to stay connected to the restaurant from beginning to end.

“Being able to open the app on my phone and keep track of everything on my check in real-time was nothing I’ve ever seen before.” -Shelby Miller-Sylvia, Mews Tavern

Now, customers can use the Mews Tavern app to:

  • Make a to-go order
  • Add their party to the waitlist
  • Track their party’s position on the waitlist
  • Get extra loyalty points for following Mews Tavern on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Join their email lists for extra points
  • Connect to their check to earn points
  • Track and redeem their rewards seamlessly
  • Participate in Beer Clubs for prizes

Thanks to the app, the Mews Tavern can offer all kinds of promotions without having to worry about tracking the details or having customers lose their loyalty cards. Everything is tracked by the app. A recent promotion with Budweiser gives customers a chance to win Red Sox tickets with each Budweiser purchase on their tab. Another promotion allows customers to earn points in exchange for cash discounts on future visits, giving them more points for coming in during slower periods. The app even manages their beer club.

All of this has made it much easier for the Mews Tavern to get in touch with their customers and keep them coming back.

“It’s a great way to grow your regular customer base. Now our customers have more reasons to keep coming back beyond our food, drinks, and atmosphere.” -Shelby Miller-Sylvia, Mews Tavern

TableUp’s not-so-secret sauce?

Using the Omnivore Agent to make all the pieces work together, TableUp was able to give Mews Tavern an all-in-one table management system, loyalty program, and custom app with mobile ordering that worked seamlessly with their POS system. In fact, the TableUp team delivered such a great experience that one of the few hiccups along the way wasn’t staff training – it was making sure the building had strong enough wifi! All in all, not a bad problem to worry about.

“Restaurants need technology that integrates with their POS and technology that integrates with each other.” – Chad Horn, TableUp

About TableUp

TableUp’s all-in-one guest retention platform powers a restaurant’s mobile apps and host stand – all seamlessly connected to their POS. We’re able to maximize engagement and finally connect the host and server to any guest that walks in the door. We can offer all of the solutions a restaurant may be looking for in one application without the headache of managing multiple vendors. This also affords us the ability to allow all aspects of the system to work well with one another which helps in guest engagement across all of the platforms.