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Making Connections for Restaurants

In retail and restaurants, consumers’ use of digital technology is ever changing and their expectations can gradually make a restaurant brand the next empty VHS rental store.

Omnivore exists to ensure that this never happens. To do so, we leverage 3 critical connections. Connect restaurants to data and insights. Connect restaurants to relevant technologies. Connect restaurant’s POS to those technologies.

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How Omnivore Works

1. Digital Mapping

Connect to data and insights highlighting how restaurant consumers are truly using technology, as well as the unique uses across various occasions and channels. Beginning with clear objectives around traffic, average check and expenses, Omnivore can help design a tailored map of sustainable growth opportunities.

2. Technology Vetting

Connect to a vetted curation of over 100 technology systems that address guest and staff needs today as well as in the future. From back of the house to front of the house to outside of the house, Omnivore can provide meaningful options across performance analytics, labor, inventory, reservations, rewards, digital order, digital pay and 3rd party delivery.

3. POS Integration

Connect each of your digital solutions to your Point of Sale (POS) through Omnivore’s universal API. It is superiorly designed to provide a stable platform of agility and flexibility while enabling single access to both legacy and cloud based POS systems.

Passionate About Connecting the Industry

Omnivore was developed and designed to enable incredible agility in the restaurant industry, and ensure that no restaurant ever becomes irrelevant due to the fast changing consumer uses of technology.

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