Webinar: 8 “Real” Lessons Learned from Launching 2 Successful Virtual Restaurant Brands

Webinar: 8 “Real” Lessons Learned from Launching 2 Successful Virtual Restaurant Brands

How did Smokey Bones create and launch The Wing Experience, which was recently has been named as one of the Top 20 Fast Casual brands to watch in 2021 by Fast Casual magazine? Learn tactical lessons on launching virtual restaurant brands from Smokey Bones based on its two virtual restaurant brands: WingX, The Wing Experience concept, and BurgerX, The Burger Experience concept.

With the success of two virtual restaurant brands deployed in all 61 Smokey Bones locations plus ghost kitchen locations, you can count on learning valuable lessons to implement within your concept right away.

This 45-minute webinar will cover all phases of virtual restaurant brands and even include insights into expanding these brands beyond the Smokey Bones locations into ghost kitchens run by both Kitchen United and Cloud Kitchens. Topics covered will include:

– Proof of concept + market validation stage
– Technology considerations at each phase
– Building to scale
– Core Brand and Guest experience considerations
– Growth + expansion
– Growth for ghost kitchens as guests return to in-store dining
– Mistakes made along the way for you to avoid!


Brian Wallunas, Smokey Bones’ Chief Digital and Technology Officer
Kevin Pfab, Omnivore’s Chief Technology Officer
-Moderator: Shane Whitlatch, Omnivore’s Chief Revenue Officer


Join us on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 2 p.m. ET.

Register to attend:

Register for the free webinar on virtual restaurant brands and receive the Zoom link to attend the webinar. As a bonus, anyone who registers for the webinar will receive a copy of Smokey Bones’ case study on launching a virtual brand.

Who should attend:

Anyone who works in the following roles with restaurant companies can benefit from attending this webinar: IT Leadership (CTO, CIO, VP/Director/Manager of IT, VP/Director/Manager of Digital, VP/Director/Manager of Off Premise), President, COO

About the presenters:

Brian Wallunas, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Smokey Bones
Brian Wallunas is focusing on executing the brand’s technology enabled AnyTime / AnyWhere vision that puts the guest in control of their dining experience. 

Since joining Smokey Bones in 2019, Brian has since rebuilt the organization’s technology infrastructure and direct-to-consumer eCommerce business, which has tripled in size.  Brian has also been instrumental in the execution of the organization’s virtual restaurant brands including The Wing Experience, which recently has been named as one of the Top 20 Fast Casual brands to watch in 2021 by Fast Casual magazine. 

Prior to joining Smokey Bones, Brian served as the Director of Marketing Technology for the National Foodservice business unit at The Coca-Cola Company.  In this role, he oversaw the digital strategy and capabilities therein to digitize the Coca-Cola value bundle and unlock value for its Customers. 

Previously, Brian developed digital platforms and promotions for national foodservice brands Arby’s and Domino’s Pizza.  At Domino’s Pizza, he led digital developments to maximize revenue for existing digital platforms while also innovating new ordering channels to make it easier and rewarding for guests to order their Domino’s favorites.  Such innovation included the voice ordering assistant ‘Dom’ and the Domino’s AnyWare platform, which consists of text, tweet, emoji, Samsung SmartTvs, iWatch, iPad and more.

Kevin Pfab, Chief Technology Officer, Omnivore
Kevin Pfab joined Omnivore as a software engineer in 2014, and has played a key role in developing Omnivore’s products and creating the support platforms for Omnivore’s customers. He became Chief Technology Officer in 2019. Learn more about Kevin.

Shane Whitlatch, Chief Revenue Officer, Omnivore
Shane Whitlatch joined Omnivore in December 2020 to lead the company’s revenue growth. He has significant experience with fast-growing tech companies, including CynergisTek, FairWarning (now Imprivata) and OpenNetwork (now BMC Software). Learn more about Shane.