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We’ve helped numerous apps and restaurants develop
to the POS. It’s easy to get started with Omnivore.

One Connection is All You Need

Omnivore API is a universal Point of Sale (POS) connection for restaurant app development that provides easy, singular access to the fragmented POS market with a complete set of features to fit your needs. The API enables one integration across all supported POS systems with real-time access to orders the instant they happen and the ability to read and transact submitted orders and more. Try the Omnivore API for free!

Easy Integration Into the POS

Omnivore is dedicated to helping you connect to critical technology solutions from online ordering to delivery to labor.

Create Location

Sign up for a free account, try out the virtual POS and then create a restaurant location.

Activate the POS

We’ll walk you and the restaurant through the process of activating the POS.

Connect Via API

Once activated, you’ll be able to query the restaurant in real-time.

Discover New Technologies

Omnivore Marketplace is the single source for all the technology systems your restaurant depends on through a single connection, with our API, to your Point of Sale (POS) System. From analytics and inventory, to online ordering to delivery, trust our Marketplace as the curated, up-to-date resource for restaurant technology.

The Knowledge for More

The top questions we get asked at Omnivore.

What is an API?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface”, which is a software intermediary that enables two or more applications to communicate with one another. APIs enable organizations to extract and share data in an accessible manner. Today, APIs are the foundation of many applications and technologies that we use on a daily basis — similar to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

How do restaurants get connected to apps?

The Omnivore Marketplace is an app store showcasing the best restaurant technologies that integrate directly with the POS system. Within the Marketplace, restaurants can get more information and connect with app partner they are interested in. The Omnivore API also helps restaurants bridge and integrate in-house development with their apps.

What POS systems does Omnivore integrate with?

Aloha, Azbar, Brink, Dinerware, Doshii (Impos, Starrtec, H&L, TriniTEQ, ArzPOS), Lavu, Lightspeed, Maitre’D, Oracle Hospitality (3700, Simphony1, Simphony2), POSitouch, Squirrel, Toast, XPIENT plus more in development. For more details and the most current information on the integrations we offer, please see our documentation in the Control Panel.

What is a “location”?

A location is our terminology for an individual restaurant connected to Omnivore.

What about multitenant POS deployments?

Some POS systems support multiple restaurants with a single deployment, like in hotels, airports, casinos, and resorts. In these cases, each individual restaurant is a separate location in Omnivore.

Are there transaction fees for Omnivore?

No. Omnivore has no transaction fees, and we don’t take a cut of payments made through the API.

What if the restaurant has multiple terminals?

You still only pay for the single location, regardless of how many terminals are connected to the POS.

What does “per location per month” mean?

We charge a fee for every connected application. So, for example: If you have 1 application that connects to 4 restaurants: billed at 4 locations. If you have 2 applications that both connect to 4 restaurants each: billed for 8 locations.