What You Need To Know About Optimizing

Third Party Delivery

At Your Restaurant

Omnivore’s approach is to deliver quantifiable results by putting a laser focus on the Restaurant Value Equation: Transactions, Average Check and Expenses. We optimize each area in a way that is meaningful to consumers, staff and support centers.

Restaurant Headwinds
and Opportunity

As consumers have accepted and engaged with 3rd party Food Service Aggregators (FSAs) such as Postmates and Uber Eats, ALL restaurants now have full capabilities to participate in delivery. This makes the delivery mode the new great equalizer
for all restaurants and potentially makes other modes such as drive-thru, curbside pick up and dine-in ambiance secondary competitive advantages. For the first time, consumers have the same access to high-end FSR and QSR meals as they do pizza. 

This benefit, however, comes with significant pinch points across operations, finance and brand management:


Ensuring proper selection and balance of FSAs to cover current and future markets. This can range from an exclusive FSA partnership to a network of over 50 FSA partners.

Order Injection

Technologies that eliminate multiple tablets, enable throttling and dynamically assigning orders, during peak times, is crucial to multiple location chains.

Menu Management

Taking full control of the customer experience with central management and key insights instead of 3rd party services representing a brand.

Customer Insights

Research shows that convenience and variety are high ranking for consumer needs, and the expectations that the retail industry has set with online shopping and next day delivery are now expected with restaurants and meals. FSA apps appeal to consumers due to the convenience and variety needs. However, it can stifle a restaurant brand’s ability to control the experience, which consumers find most important.

There are now 70 Alexa skills for ordering food

25% of mobile phone users regularly use a delivery app

69% of internet users in the U.S. have ordered food online for delivery

About 20% of mobile users use a delivery app because of the variety of options for ordering

Delivery orders are almost evenly split between phone and digital

Menu item prices for delivery are often different than in the restaurant

Omnivore's Integrated Products and Partners for Third Party Delivery

Menu Mgmt System

Omnivore’s Menu Management System provides a single portal to manage all digital menus. Third party orders are directly injected into the POS, eliminating tablet inefficiencies.


Integrates 3rd party online ordering systems into current POS, eliminating need for staff’s manual entry. Saves restaurant time, controls staffing costs, reduces errors and makes customers happier.



A single point of contact for all online ordering providers, creating a streamlined way to manage many platforms from a single tablet and printer.



Integrates food delivery platforms directly to the POS. Saves restaurants time, money and operational headaches by getting rid of 3rd party delivery tablets.


Offers on-demand delivery by connecting customers with local couriers who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes.


Offers online ordering and delivery without high commissions, delayed payments or having to hire drivers and customer data is yours.


App Partner Capabilities

To build a successful 3rd party delivery strategy, it’s essential to leverage new technologies that build a sustainable and agile platform that fosters future innovation. With Omnivore’s Menu Management System and partners, you can offer customers what they want without overcomplicating your business.

Recoup 3rd party delivery fees and packaging costs by applying a surcharge to your delivery menu
Build the perfect, digital version of your menu just the way you want it
Download near real-time transactional reporting for use in order reconciliation processes
Location Pricing
Pricing is sourced from your location’s POS, eliminating the need to coordinate changes
Order Throttling
Maximize kitchen capacity by dynamically throttling orders during peak hours
Order Accuracy
Orders are directly injected into your POS, eliminating the need to manually key orders from tablets

App Partner Success

Building and implementing strategic online ordering systems has allowed our app partners’ clients to dramatically improve their business:

The Omnivore Model

Making digital restaurant commerce agile and affordable by connecting insights, technology and Point of Sale.

  • Headwinds & Opportunity
  • Consumer Insights
  • App Partners
  • App Partner Capabilities
  • App Partner Success
  • The Omnivore Model

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