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Focus on what you do best: food, experience, customers. Let Omnivore connect you to the latest technologies for increased revenues and better operations.

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Endless Possibilities

The restaurant industry is undergoing major changes as technology is increasingly being used to drive business opportunities. Omnivore is a revolutionary platform that provides a Marketplace to increase your business potential by connecting the point of sale (POS) with the latest apps for discovery, reservations, delivery, CRM loyalty, mobile ordering, payment, analytics, and more.

Now it’s simpler than ever to evaluate and offer the best technologies to improve consumer experiences and increase revenues. It's easy and no charge for restaurants to get started with the Omnivore platform.

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Activate New Technologies with the Omnivore Marketplace

With Omnivore, our proven, no hassle API platform easily connects to the POS system and enables restaurants access to the Omnivore Marketplace to activate the newest POS apps for delivery, reservations, mobile payments, loyalty and more.

  • One partner, one integration, many opportunities
  • Connect POS to innovative apps
  • Drive revenues with new technologies
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Develop Faster. Integrate Better.
Build Revenue.

Our team is your team. We are dedicated to improving your customer’s experience. For less than the cost of a developer, we’ll help build your POS integration and ensure its success.


We help build and test your POS integration with our universal API.

Support Team

Support manages the deployment and makes it work beautifully — 24/7.

Business Dev

Ensures the right app solutions connect with your restaurant.

Remove Roadblocks with Omnivore

Restaurants increasingly use technology to maximize opportunities with their clientele. Often challenges are encountered during implementation of these technologies causing wasted resources, time and money. Omnivore removes these roadblocks.

Using Omnivore, restaurants have one integration, one partner with many opportunities. Drive revenue, lower costs, and market your business better with Omnivore!

Integration Made Easy

Omnivore's proven open platform allows restaurant apps to connect easily to a multitude of POS systems.

Reduce Costs

Real-time analytics of the POS enables managers to better track sales and staff to maximize efficiencies.

Modernize Operations

Effortlessly offer customers the latest POS app technologies including delivery, reservations, and mobile payments.

Quick Installations

Rapidly test and evaluate new technologies with the Omnivore API installed on the POS.