What You Need To Know About Optimizing

Online Ordering

At Your Restaurant

Restaurant Headwinds
and Opportunity

Today, online ordering is an integral part of the customer experience for almost every type of restaurant. Meeting customers where they are with flexible options can open new revenue centers and significantly improve your restaurant’s performance, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Managing diverse order streams, such as web, mobile, third-party delivery, social media, and even messaging apps, is a significant cost and challenge to integrate into your operations. What’s popular isn’t always right for your brand, operation or consumer occasion.

It’s important to build an online strategy that aligns with your business:

Front End

Digital User Interface that performs as well as your in-store experience to optimize the check, foster frequency and prevent abandonment.

Back End

Technologies that help you control and enhance your operations with accuracy and speed, like order throttling and centralized menu management.


A flexible platform that allows you to capture, warehouse and extract your data efficiently in order to convert into actionable insights.

Customer Insights

Here's What Your Customers Say
say online ordering adds value to their
restaurant experience
say online payment adds value to their
restaurant experience
say order/pay via app adds value to their
restaurant experience

Online ordering has become the great equalizer across QSR, FSR, Fast Casual, and Fine Dining. It is the largest change in mode since the drive-thru and creates a platform for future innovation by helping brands access guests in more meaningful occasions. More customers are ordering online than ever before, and their expectations for speed, accuracy, service, and personalization are only increasing.

Outback Pay Bill

Nearly 80%

Almost 50%



of consumers age 18-34 have used apps or websites to order food. (Source: orderTalk)
of dinners purchased from a restaurant are eaten at home. (Source: NPD Group)
of restaurant's digital orders come through its mobile app or website; remaining orders come through third-party apps or websites. (Source: NPD Group)
Alexa skills for ordering food are now available. (Source: Amazon)

Omnivore's Integrated Products and Partners for Online Ordering

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Enterprise-ready commerce and analytics platform. Merchant branded white label solution with support for web and mobile ordering, mobile wallet, loyalty, and more.


Custom mobile ordering applications integrated directly with POS allowing any sized restaurant to accept online orders.


Mobile ordering for airport restaurant locations including turn by turn directions and order ahead capabilities.


White label direct online ordering software supporting messaging (including Facebook), voice, and chat.
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An all-in-one solution for restaurants to create an entire platform from order to delivery and marketing.

App Partner Capabilities

To build a successful online ordering strategy, it’s essential to offer customization and optionality to customers, but
also simultaneously streamline your operation behind the scenes. With Omnivore’s partners and direct POS connection, you can offer customers what they want without overcomplicating your business.



Increase discovery by meeting consumers where they are with technology

User Interface

Design an experience that showcases your brand and maximizes average check


Build the ability to leverage consumer data for a more personal and targeted relationship


Be prepared to test and iterate as technologies and consumer trends evolve


Maximize kitchen capacity by dynamically throttling orders during peak hours


Synchronize menu management across systems to improve operations

App Partner Success

Building and implementing strategic online ordering systems has allowed our app partners’ clients to dramatically improve their business:

The Omnivore Model

Making digital restaurant commerce agile and affordable

by connecting insights, technology and Point of Sale.