Now Introducing:

Menu Management System

The web-based control panel that puts you in full control of your e-commerce and third-party delivery strategy.

Now Introducing:

Menu Management System

The web-based control panel that puts you in full control of your e-commerce and third-party delivery strategy.
Order Injection
Universal Menu
Consistent Pricing
Brand Standards
Proper Pricing
Data Curation

A Single Source of restaurant Truth

Omnivore’s Menu Management System (MMS) is a single source of truth software that allows restaurants to own their digital menu content and control their brand across any digital platform. Enhancing digital ordering and third-party delivery, MMS enables orders from third-party app providers to be injected directly into the Point of Sale (POS), providing restaurants complete visibility and control over consumers’ digital experiences and access to valuable performance data.

Delivery Order Management

Online Order Management

Kiosk Order Management

Catering Order Management

Social Media Order Management

+ All Future Channels

A 12-month development project, partnering with The Coca-Cola Company and 25 restaurant chains, 
in order to remove friction from digital orders and future proof operations.

Master Menu Control

MMS gives restaurants the ability to create the perfect digital version of their menu, just the way they want it.

Fully Integrated

MMS utilizes Omnivore’s universal API to integrate into the majority of POS systems. This enables third-party technologies to efficiently use a master digital menu as allowing them to inject orders directly into the POS.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate tablet management
  • A single menu to manage
  • Ability to 86 items locally
  • No labor for labor input
  • Recoup delivery charges
  • Proper reconciliation
  • Proper delivery coverage
  • Curation of data
  • Order accuracy

Key Features

Graphics &
Brand Control

Surcharge Control

Operating Hours Control

Item 86'ing Control

Order Injection Control

Modifier Control

Pick Up
Time Control

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