Menu Management System has already injected more than $200 million in digital orders into restaurants’ POS systems. These restaurants have seen a 20-30% lift in average check size for online and delivery orders after adding Menu Management System.

Restaurants can trust that the Menu Management System will accurately inject orders directly into the POS system. Omnivore’s Menu Management System has the highest success rate for direct injection orders in the industry.


Omnivore’s Menu Management System eliminates the need to have separate tablets for each delivery platform. It also removes the need for a person to manually enter those orders. Without tablets and additional steps, restaurants have greater order accuracy and timeliness.

Menu Management System eliminates missed orders, miskeyed orders and forgotten modifications by removing human error. It also minimizes labor costs tied to tablet and delivery platform management.


Restaurants can publish all menu changes at once with the Menu Management System and simultaneously update all of their digital menus (online, on third-party delivery platforms, and in-store). By making all changes in one place, at one time, restaurants can immediately remove menu items to eliminate the potential of failed orders.

Restaurants use Menu Management System to design an optimal digital menu experience for customers, from adding regional options to listing popular item combinations. With a better digital menu experience, restaurants see a 20% increase in curbside and in-person pickup.


It’s easy to add virtual concepts and ghost kitchens to Omnivore’s Menu Management System. Quickly test the concept on delivery platforms once the virtual restaurant is set up on a POS system. It’s a small amount of effort with a potentially large payoff.


Menu Management System connects with many prominent POS systems, with more in development.


Before using Omnivore's Menu Management System, we needed a two-week lead to change anything on the menu. Every change needed to be updated in separate places across the website, all dayparts, all locations, and all third-party partners. Frankly, it was a full-time job updating menus and dealing with errors and failed orders. Today, utilizing Omnivore’s solutions, all of our menus can be updated within a day and stay consistent no matter where they appear.
Jon Hance, Director of Information Technology
Jon Hance, Director of Information Technology
Metro Diner
I initially chose Omnivore's Menu Management System over the alternatives because they offered no setup fees and no transaction fees. Now, I refuse to work with any third-party app that doesn't work with Omnivore's platform. Having a single menu management solution that works with not just our delivery partners, but our other integrated apps, makes things easier on my team and allows us to make better business decisions.
Skip Kimpel, Chief Information Officer
Skip Kimpel, Chief Information Officer
4R Restaurant Group
Bloomin' Brands has been using the Omnivore platform for over five years now to create standardization and efficiency across all technologies connected to our POS system. Their support and reliability have been so great that I know I can trust them almost as an extension of our own team. Best of all, their Menu Management System has been a key part in smoothly expanding our delivery and takeout operations with DoorDash and UberEats, which has been critical to our off-premise expansion. Our long-standing partnership with Omnivore has helped us to continue moving forward regardless of the circumstances.
Gail Seanor, VP, Digital Innovation & Commerce
Gail Seanor, VP, Digital Innovation & Commerce
Bloomin’ Brands, Inc