Learn about successful virtual concepts with Omnivore and Food On Demand

Learn about successful virtual concepts with Omnivore and Food On Demand

Omnivore has joined Food On Demand’s lineup of restaurant industry experts for “Building success with ghost kitchens & virtual restaurants,” a one-day virtual event about virtual concepts and ghost kitchens. On June 8, 2021, Food on Demand is hosting sessions to help restaurant companies learn the economics, marketing, and operations of ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants.

During five sessions, attendees can learn about each stage of the virtual restaurant lifecycle, from coming up with the idea and getting started, to growing and scaling your concept nationwide. Restaurant leaders will share lessons learned, technology to make it possible and tips for building a successful virtual concept. 

Omnivore CRO Shane Whitlatch is part of the “Beyond Startup: Integrating & Streamlining Operations” panel discussion. This session will help restaurant companies move beyond the startup phase to fully optimize the revenue potential of virtual concepts and ghost kitchens.

Major restaurant companies like Smokey Bones and Bloomin’ Brands use Omnivore’s Menu Management System to launch virtual brands, achieve overnight scale and seamlessly add third-party delivery partners. 

Throughout the day, the panelists will discuss the following topics:

Beyond Startup: Integrating & Streamlining Operations 

Efficiency and streamlined operations are key to profiting with ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants. This panel is designed for operators with existing ghost kitchen and virtual restaurant brands to refine staffing, back-of-the-house operations, technology integration, and menu planning. From there, how to build a strategy for your next phase of multi-channel growth.
Speakers from Omnivore, OrderB4, and Smokey Bones

The Economics of Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Concepts

Panelists will discuss the costs, potential revenues, delivery commissions and balance sheets for ghost kitchens and virtual concepts. Restaurants considering starting ghost restaurants or virtual restaurants should attend.
Speakers from Dog Haus, BBQ Holdings, and NextBite

Ghost and Virtual Restaurant Startup Checklist

There are big opportunities – and big challenges – in starting a virtual brand, and those opportunities and challenges are much different than a traditional location. This panel will focus on staffing, menu optimization, sourcing, technology, as well as economics and accounting for ghost kitchens and virtual concepts. 
Speakers from Kitchen United, Vine Solution, and Flipdish

Ghost and Virtual Growth Strategy 

Ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants are enticing channels to reach new customers and different geographies. Plus, they require much smaller capital expenditures than building new brick-and-mortar locations. Learn how to avoid mistakes and wisely use limited resources.
Speakers from Franklin Junction, Qu, and Wendy’s

Marketing Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Concepts 

Panelists will share the most effective channels to market your virtual restaurant or ghost kitchen locations to your existing customers. Plus, how to use Google, social media and other channels more effectively—and how that strategy shifts as these locations gain traction.
Speakers from Nathan’s Famous, PepsiCo, Ovation, and Sous Vide Kitchen

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