To help you quickly, it’s important to share the following information when contacting Omnivore:

  1. Your name & callback number
  2. The restaurant brand you’re part of
  3. The store number or street address that needs attention
  4. The DSP for an order
  5. Brief description of the problem with the order


The fastest resolution for store closure or the need to shutdown delivery is through the specific delivery service provider (DSP) used at that location. Your DSP administrative interface provides tools to disable stores immediately or for a period in the future.


  • Log into
  • Click Business Hours on the left side menu
  • Click Special Closures/Hours
    • Click the Pause Store to immediately close your store.
    • Click Resume to open the store using standard business hours.
    • Click Future Special Closures/Hours to adjust your store hours for a temporary period of time without changing your normal operating hours.


  • Log into
  • Click Holiday Hours on the left side menu
    • Change the current day hours to apply an immediate closure by setting the time to the current time.
    • Change the hours for a future date to temporarily override your normal operating hours.


  • Postmates orders can be paused by:
    • Emailing Postmates Merchant Support through their Merchant Portal
    • Contacting Postmates by logging into your Partner Dashboard
    • Contacting Omnivore’s MMS Support to pause your Postmates order by emailing
      • Or in the event of an outage, call our outage line (800) 293-4058 extension 2

Orders currently not being received or injected into POS?

If orders are being accepted by your DSPs but none are appearing on your POS, you can contact Omnivore support by telephone for prompt assistance. When contacting Omnivore support, please have the information ready from the Reporting an Issue section above.


Call the Omnivore Service Outage Hotline
(800) 293-4058, extension 2

Menu & Hours Changes, and Investigation of Prior Incidents

If you need to make changes to your menu (pricing, availability, descriptions, modifiers, images, etc.), store hours, or to request information about previous orders (e.g.- failed orders, error reports, reconciliation, etc.), please submit a case through the Community Service Portal for assistance. If you do not have access to the Community Service Portal, please contact your Customer Experience Manager.


Omnivore Community Service Portal

Any other issues not listed here?

For any issues not listed here, including API support, please email our Support Team at the email below:

Omnivore Support Team