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The Universal POS API

It means just that: universal. Developers integrate once with the Omnivore API and save time and money to support the multitude of restaurant POS systems available. By using Omnivore, POS apps can address a larger market and spend much less money and resources doing so.

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A Restaurant App & Analytics Platform

The Omnivore API gives you access to every action and detail of the point of sale system. This includes menu information, orders, payments, tips, server and table information, etc. — as well as any historical sales data in the POS.

Omnivore opens a new realm of possibilities in the restaurant industry, from mobile payment apps to national sales analytics

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Secure, Scalable, and Easy to Manage

Boasting bank-level encryption, Omnivore is stocked with a team of security experts and is PCI-DSS 3.2 compliant. Our infrastructure has automated failover and scales as you grow, so your operations are never impacted.

Installation takes less than 30 seconds. Once installed, you'll have a set of cloud-based dashboards and API tools for easy integration and management.

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Cloud-Based Access to POS Systems

Omnivore integrates with Micros, Aloha, POSitouch, InfoGenesis, and Dinerware POS systems via a single JSON API. The functionality and data model is normalized across multiple POS systems, so you only have to integrate once.

The Omnivore API gives you:

  • Cloud-based service that interacts directly with the POS
  • Detailed POS sales data retrieved securely and in real-time
  • Seamless ordering with existing terminals and processes
  • No interruption to restaurant operations

Use Cases

Omnivore enables hundreds of restaurant apps across dozens of categories. Learn more about Omnivore's POS API use cases...

Mobile Apps

POS integration also means waiters don't have to re-enter orders — a ticket is opened directly on the POS for each order.

Tableside Payments

Ticket data comes directly from the POS, so the payment app will always have the correct balance.

Real-time Analytics

The Omnivore platform allows real-time analytics by querying the Point of Sale on demand.


Omnivore allows gifting apps to integrate with the POS, open tickets and accept the gifts as a "3rd party payment".

Join the Marketplace and let customers come to you

As you integrate your app with Omnivore's API, contact us to learn more about the Marketplace. Restaurants have access to the latest POS apps for delivery, reservations, mobile payments, loyalty and more.

  • Many opportunities in one Marketplace
  • Drive revenues with new merchants
  • Showcase and brand your app
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Getting Started

Point of sale integration doesn't have to be painful. Follow these steps to get started with Omnivore.

Create Location

Sign up for a free account, try out the virtual POS, and then create a restaurant location.

Activate the POS

We'll walk you and the restaurant through the process of activating the POS.

Connect via API

Once activated, you'll be able query the restaurant in real-time for your app.