What You Need To Know About Optimizing


At Your Restaurant

Omnivore’s approach is to deliver quantifiable results by putting a laser focus on the Restaurant Value Equation: Transactions, Average Check and Expenses. We optimize each area in a way that is meaningful to consumers, staff and support centers.

Restaurant Headwinds
and Opportunity

Restaurants are constantly looking for ways to analyze customer trends and needs in order to improve operations. Real-time reviews are putting restaurants on the defensive and new food trends continue to develop without warning, forcing market tests to occur at the speed of light.

POS systems provide performance data, but can’t always generate full detailed reports. However, many POS systems can be accessed by third party applications, allowing for deeper analysis by combining external data relevant to the restaurant. Outside information such as social media and news reviews have become an integral part of the equation.


Managers need the ability to have intuitive views into restaurant operations with customizable dashboards and reports.


Solutions that easily connect to the POS, the heart of a restaurant, help consolidate the data to better understand the nuances of the business.

Real Time

Data should be timely and current for management to analyze and pivot menu items, staff, and other resources quickly.

Customer Insights

The consumer has a split personality about analytics. People have become sensitive to having their data and behaviors collected and analyzed yet at the same time want detailed analysis available to them before they make a restaurant selection. While traditional marketing gets a customer excited about going to or ordering from a restaurant, everything from customer reviews, to health department inspection status to nutrition information help shape customer decisions.

Operators often spend
many hours per week
preparing KPI reports

18% small businesses
57% medium businesses
use intelligence and analytics solutions

When used well,
data can lead to
7% revenue lift &
2-3% profit lift

For restaurants, a one-star increase in Yelp rating
leads to a 
5-9% increase in revenue

Omnivore's Integrated Products and Partners for Analytics

Actio Analytics copy


An easy to use mobile solution that can increase sales, monitor operational costs and deliver insights that bring long term value.

Agilence 9.4.19


Vertical business intelligence designed to unlock the value hidden in your data.


A single point of contact for all online ordering providers, creating a streamlined way to manage many platforms from a single tablet and printer.


A CRM and business intelligence platform that revolutionizes how restaurants connect with their guests.


Restaurant intelligence that allows operators to have complete certainty of guest satisfaction across the brand at location, shift, server and dish level.

App Partner Capabilities

The ability to analyze key data points throughout all aspects of the restaurant’s operations is integral to making faster and smarter decisions. Omnivore’s partners provide solutions, integrated directly to the POS, so you can better understand the changing needs of your customers and respond in a meaningful way.

Integrate & analyze all data.
Centralize the data from
a restaurant’s POS system enabling real-time insights.
Notifications & alerts.
Automatic notifications let you know about key aspects of your operations.
Reduce food wastes & costs.
Analyze your restaurant’s food supply to make better informed purchases.
Optimize sales & labor.
Better understand server performance to adjust training and schedules.
Enhance guest satisfaction.
Identify what is and is not working for profitability while improving the customer experience.
Get a grip on loss prevention.
Use data to understand and analyze sources of profit loss.

App Partner Success

Building and implementing strategic analytics systems has allowed our app partners’ clients to dramatically improve their business.

The Omnivore Model

Making digital restaurant commerce agile and affordable by connecting insights, technology and Point of Sale.

  • Headwinds & Opportunity
  • Consumer Insights
  • App Partners
  • App Partner Capabilities
  • App Partner Success
  • The Omnivore Model

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