Case Study: From $1200 to $0 in Chargebacks with DinerIQ’s PayMyTab Platform

    Salumeria 104

    With over 20 years of experience in the restaurant business in South Florida, Graspa Group brought to town a new concept to attract more sophisticated palates with simple, traditional Italian dishes. Salumeria 104 is based on the concept of a trattoria and small neighborhood shop where one can find Italian specialty cured meats and other delicacies, also known as a salumi shop. The restaurant combines Northern Italy’s rustic charm and Midtown Miami’s vibrancy while serving impeccably authentic Italian food.


    Challenged with Chargebacks

    Across seven restaurants, Graspa Group’s biggest problem was chargebacks, with one restaurant getting close to $1200 worth of chargebacks in one month.

    When a customer files a chargeback with their credit card issuer, the burden of proof is on the restaurant operator to produce the credit card receipt. Often, the cause of the chargeback is through no fault of the restaurant, such as customer forgetfulness or fraud. The worst thing is that chargebacks can be initiated for up to 18 months. That’s 18 months of receipts to keep track of and a huge liability in terms of time and money.

    And since 2015, most major payment cards have shifted all liability for fraud on merchants who have not upgraded to EMV payments.

    “In a memorable incident, we lost a $600 transaction because we didn’t have an EMV approved chip machine to validate the charge,” -Sean McCullough, Director of Operations.

    The restaurant started looking for a solution to manage the chargeback problem and meet EMV compliance for payments.

    Simplicity and Security with PayMyTab

    “We tested a trial run of EMV terminals that are not connected to the POS, and it caused even more problems” -Sean McCullough

    After trying other options, Salumeria 104 partnered with DinerIQ to use their durable PayMyTab EMV devices. This allowed for better payment security and gave guests the ability to pay at the table while storing and tracking all transactions for them.

    Previously, managers had to manually separate the guest checks by payment type, such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Now, the back office can find the receipt faster if a chargeback comes through. Their overall fraud liability is decreased and responding to the chargeback is much easier, saving them time and money.

    Using the Omnivore API, PayMyTab connects to the restaurant’s existing POSitouch POS system to process payments and store online guest signatures and receipts. This allowed Graspa Group to update their payment security and give their customers a better experience without having to overhaul their whole POS system.

    McCullough remarked, “PayMyTab is paying for itself right now and into the future. Incredibly, we have 0% chargebacks since using PayMyTab, which is what we wanted.”


    Happier Guests Equals Happier Employees

    With PayMyTab, the restaurant experienced improved speed of service and faster table turns. Servers now bring everything to the table in one shot. Before, they would have to gather multiple credit cards, go to the POS to process payment, print the checks and return to the table, often becoming distracted by other duties. Now, the time period from receiving to closing the check has significantly been reduced.

    In addition, overall tips have increased from 10-15% to 18%, as the 18% tip default on the PayMyTab device allows customers to easily select that option.

    Even in a restaurant environment where everything is prone to drops and spills, the PayMyTab mobile device is extremely durable. “The tablet is well-suited to a restaurant environment. After being dropped repeatedly during normal use, there have been no cracks in the screen and the chip reader still works,” said McCullough.


    About DinerIQ™ and PayMy Tab™

    DinerIQ™ and its award-winning platform, PayMyTab™, empowers restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues to experience enhanced guest loyalty, increased profits and streamlined operations while reducing fraud and chargebacks. PayMyTab’s EMV certified pay-at-the-table solution, mobile app, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing platform is the most secure method to process payments.  Guests can now pay tableside with their smartphone, chip credit card, or with Apple Pay™ or Google Pay™. PayMyTab seamlessly integrates with major POS systems including NCR/Aloha, Oracle/Micros and Shift4/POSiTouch, and major credit card processors.  This eliminates expensive upgrades and allows most venues to go live in about an hour.

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