What You Need To Know About Optimizing

Pay at Table

in Your Restaurant

Omnivore’s approach is to deliver quantifiable results by putting a laser focus on the Restaurant Value Equation: Transactions, Average Check and Expenses. We optimize each area in a way that is meaningful to consumers, staff and support centers.

Restaurant Headwinds
and Opportunity

Globally, the payment process has been driven by technology and regulatory changes. Debit and chip (EMV) cards required restaurant customers to input their PIN for charges and did not permit the server to take the card away from the customers’ view. With EMV and mobile payment processing fees lower than traditional card swipe, liability for most fraudulent transactions, now with the issuer and not the merchant, give restaurants a compelling incentive to upgrade their payment systems while adding a Pay at Table option to satisfy their technology savvy customers’ needs.


Comply with EMV standards while offering customers different payment options like Apple Pay, Android Pay, gift cards and more.


Remove the friction of guests waiting to pay their checks and in the process, improve table turns and staff efficiencies.


Offer opportunities to understand customers by performing surveys, collecting additional guest info and gamifying loyalty programs.

Customer Insights

Millions of consumers have transitioned to a mostly cashless lifestyle and expect their favorite restaurants to accept a variety of non-cash payment methods. The convenience and security of credit cards and now, mobile payment systems, are appreciated by most customers. Pay at Table speeds up the payment process for the customer, reducing the stress that can often ruin an otherwise excellent dining experience.

Pay at Table solutions reduce the payment process from
12 to 7 steps

61% Security
32% Speed
Most important payment considerations as determined by restaurant customers 

72% Millennials
69% Gen X/Y
66% Boomers
would prefer to use PAAT, if offered

61% of diners agree that server handheld tablets improve their guest experience

74% of guests feel that it is extremely important  that the ordering and payment process be easy and frictionless

Omnivore's Integrated Products and Partners for Pay At Table


A platform that offers customers the ability to pay their checks whenever they’re ready via their mobile devices.



Gives customers the ability to view your online menu, place their orders and pay, all from their phone and without the hassle of standing in line or downloading an app. 



Interactive POS integration providing guests with the convenience and security of ordering and paying without waiting.


A solution that lets guests pay at the table when ready,
so no waiting for a server to bring their check or process their payment.


A complete solution for payments and engagement that gives the restaurant’s guests simplicity and security while paying.


A payment platform that allows guests to order, skip and pay their check on their phone with no wait, no sign up and no app download.


Pay-at-the-table without the hardware. Customized web-based or app-based mobile payments.

App Partner Capabilities

Building a successful Pay at Table strategy requires technologies that offer flexibility and options to customers while providing ways to streamline operations and reduce costs. With Omnivore’s partners and direct POS connection, you can integrate a complete Pay at Table solution that is mobile ready for your restaurant.

Ensure PCI and EMV compliance with each transaction while minimizing chargebacks.
Seamless Integration
Easily connect to the POS to quickly get started with Pay at Table devices.
Payment Options
Offer a variety of payment choices, including credit, debit and mobile pay, for customers.
User Friendly
An easy to use, friendly interface allows customers to interact with mobile payment devices.
Engage Guests
Provide a better dining experience for customers keeping them happy and loyal.
Transform Operations
Improve staff efficiencies with better service, faster table turns and fewer errors.

App Partner Success

Building and implementing strategic Pay at Table systems has allowed our app partners’ clients to dramatically improve their business:

The Omnivore Model

Making digital restaurant commerce agile and affordable by connecting insights, technology and Point of Sale.

  • Headwinds & Opportunity
  • Consumer Insights
  • App Partners
  • App Partner Capabilities
  • App Partner Success
  • The Omnivore Model

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