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At Your Restaurant

Omnivore’s approach is to deliver quantifiable results by putting a laser focus on the Restaurant Value Equation: Transactions, Average Check and Expenses. We optimize each area in a way that is meaningful to consumers, staff and support centers.

Restaurant Headwinds
and Opportunity

Restaurant operators are at a crossroads. A good economy and tight labor market have made for a shortage of available food service workers. Wages, because of the shortage and new local minimum wage laws, are raising the cost of labor. Concurrently, technology and changing consumer habits are creating demand for different skill sets for employees.

Customer expectations, driven by new technology and easy access to information about everything related to food, make it more important than ever to have the right people working for you and having the right systems to assist in finding and maintaining the right people for your organization.


An encompassing online platform to manage people components including onboarding, scheduling, timesheets and payroll.


Technologies to help operators be compliant with complicated labor laws but be easy to use in managing staff and resources.


Powerful templates that help in scheduling resources based on key criteria while also understanding restaurant shift patterns.

Customer Insights

Consumers expect a high level of customer service from operators. They expect courteous, efficient service. Most important they expect orders to be correct. Social media has set the expectation for every consumer. Consumers read the reviews (often calling out specific employees), see the pictures, map the location, and chat with other consumers all before entering the restaurant for the first time.

82% of first paid jobs for Gen Z were in a restaurant

50% of restaurants cited more difficulty in finding qualified hourly workers in Q1 2019 vs. Q4 2018

Chains’ average labor costs as a percentage of sales rose 0.5% to 32%

Avg hourly earnings in hospitality increased nearly 4% over the past year

Estimated turnover for hourly workers is >150% and >75% for managers

14% projected employment growth for food/beverage serving workers

Omnivore's Integrated Products and Partners for LAbor


Easy to use scheduling software designed to help you save time, reduce labor costs and improve staff communication.



Supplier, inventory and workforce management solutions – integrated and made easy.


An HRIS and dedicated HR support team to help manage and automate HR.


A next-generation software technology platform that helps hospitality business build, manage, and engage their teams. 

Tip Reports

Management and employee reporting software for comprehensive tip pooling.


An online workforce success platform that helps businesses manage scheduling, timesheets, payroll, and employee onboarding.

App Partner Capabilities

As restaurants adopt new labor solutions, functionality and flexibility are key factors for success. These technologies integrate directly into the POS to ensure that employees are doing their jobs and that restaurants are providing the best work environment for staff. Omnivore’s leading partners help operators better manage staff and streamline operations.

Build and publish schedules easily online and see the availability of staff for shifts.
Tip Reporting
Better visibility and breakdown for employees and management into gratuities earned by shift.
Time & Attendance
Accurately record employee time in and time out and reduce compliance risks.
Export payroll data and time cards with seamless integration into major payroll systems.
Ensure compliance with area-specific labor laws in order to generate accurate reports and records.
Welcome new employees without the paperwork by using a digital onboarding process.

App Partner Success

Building and implementing strategic labor management systems has allowed our app partners’ clients to dramatically improve their business:

The Omnivore Model

Making digital restaurant commerce agile and affordable by connecting insights, technology and Point of Sale.

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