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Omnivore’s approach is to deliver quantifiable results by putting a laser focus on the Restaurant Value Equation: Transactions, Average Check and Expenses. We optimize each area in a way that is meaningful to consumers, staff and support centers.

Restaurant Headwinds
and Opportunity

Food waste and loss are vexing issues for restaurants and without an accurate inventory of ingredients, it’s impossible to grasp the impact. The POS is a logical place to maintain inventory but is not the full solution. Matching ingredients with meals requires a POS integrated solution to minimize loss and manage profitability.

Just-in-time inventory is becoming the standard and technology is necessary to alleviate the time-consuming process of taking inventory. From digital sign boards to the POS to the suppliers, a restaurant’s inventory has to be up-to-date and ingredients consistently named across all systems.


Managers need solutions that have insight into the restaurant procurement process with customizable dashboards and reports.


Technologies that easily connect to the POS, the heart of a restaurant, help consolidate inventory data to better understand areas of waste and loss.

Real Time

Information should be timely and current for management to analyze and pivot menu items and other resources quickly.

Customer Insights

Although they may be swayed by seasonal and event driven promotions, customers expect that all featured menu items and more importantly, their favorite ones, will always be available. Increasingly, real time updates are a necessity as customers assume any visible items on the menu are available to order through online and delivery channels.

Food spend is 1/3 of the costs for a restaurant business

16% of a restaurant’s food ends up in the trash

According to restaurateurs, inventory is one of the most important integrations to the POS.

Restaurants who take regular inventory can increase profits yearly by up to 24%

Cut food costs by 2-6% by tracking food thrown away

Omnivore's Integrated Products and Partners for Inventory



Easily collate the information needed for perfect stock control by completing counts electronically, both on and offline.


An inventory management platform for purchasing and stock taking, recipe costing and analytics.



Manage back-end inventory, eliminating out-of-stock situations, boosting slow-moving inventory and streamlining distributor orders.


A platform offering solutions including analytics, recipe costing, and bar inventory software to help run business with ease and efficiency.

App Partner Capabilities

To implement a successful inventory management strategy, it’s important to streamline operations behind the scenes and provide access to what is currently available on the menu – anytime, anywhere. Omnivore’s inventory partners enable restaurants to easily integrate inventory controls, with a direct POS connection, to effectively manage costs of menu items.

Real-Time Alerts
Access to what is on hand and what stock needs to be ordered.
Automated Ordering
Provide real time ticket information to inventory apps and connect directly to the distributors.
Control Inventory
Analyze and budget for menu item changes to maintain profit margins and minimize waste.
Reduce Waste
Manage stock; eliminate excess inventory and over-ordering.
Conduct inventory counts on mobile devices for efficiency and accuracy.
Synchronize menu items across different systems and locations throughout operations.

App Partner Success

Building and implementing strategic online ordering systems has allowed our app partners’ clients to dramatically improve their business:

The Omnivore Model

Making digital restaurant commerce agile and affordable by connecting insights, technology and Point of Sale.

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  • The Omnivore Model

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