Case Study: How Adding Custom Online Ordering Led to Record-Breaking Pizza Sales with EZ-Chow

    Goodfellas Pizza, a five-location chain based in Ft. Pierce, FL, was looking to offer online ordering for their customers. Known for traditional Italian dishes and huge New York-style pizzas, Goodfellas has been a local favorite for takeout and delivery.  But more customers wanted to order online, and finding the right solution would allow the staff to satisfy more customers while decreasing errors associated with taking orders over the phone.

    More Clutter, More Problems

    Basing a business on takeout and delivery allows a restaurant to run with less space for dining, saving money on square footage. But this also requires a streamlined operation with little room left for counter clutter.

    Owner/operator, Joe Bompartito, was researching online ordering solutions and found that 8 out of 10 solutions required more kiosks alongside his MICROS POS system. This would still require his employees to see orders in a timely manner and enter them into the POS correctly so the orders could be made in the kitchen. These options would create opportunities for more errors resulting in unhappy customers and negative reviews.

    “It’s hard to find the right solution that’s compatible with your POS, where you don’t need another screen. I must have talked to 20 different companies.” -Joe Bompartito

    Finding a Solution That Meets All Your Restaurant Needs

    Basically, Goodfellas Pizza needed online ordering that would:

    • Allow customers to order and customize anything on their menu
    • Work with current Goodfellas locations with the ability to expand to future locations
    • Integrate directly with their MICROS POS system so that orders would show up in the kitchen as exactly as ordered
    • Be easy to install and use

    Joe found EZ-Chow, which was one of the few solutions to meet all his requirements. EZ Chow built Goodfellas Pizza a custom, integrated online ordering platform using Omnivore to make the connection between Joe’s existing POS system and his hungry customers. Having custom online ordering without needing to rely on extra screens created a seamless experience for restaurant staff, reducing staff errors.

    Adding anything to an existing restaurant system is a risk, but EZ-Chow’s professionalism and excellent response time made the whole process pretty painless for Joe as an operator. “I can call Mo (Sloan of EZ-Chow) and he answers the phone. Don’t let him know or he might charge me more.”

    The only hiccup along the way was getting MICROS to help with some configurations – processes Omnivore and EZ-Chow were able to take care of completely for Joe.

    Online Ordering That Just Works

    Since working with EZ-Chow, Joe reports that having POS-integrated mobile ordering has allowed Goodfellas Pizza to keep up with the times while helping employees make fewer mistakes.

    “It’s working great. Just yesterday we broke our record and did almost $1500 in online sales.” – Joe Bompartito

    Today’s technology is amazing…when it works. When issues arise, Joe reports, “Even if there’s an area to improve, I know I can call EZ-Chow to take care of it and make the changes as needed. That’s what’s been so amazing.”

    Using new restaurant technology can be daunting for restaurant owners who don’t feel like they have the time or the bandwidth to deal with the process or possible headaches involved. Here at Omnivore, we’re proud to partner with amazing apps like EZ-Chow that help restaurateurs build a better restaurant in ways that are not only seamless for their customers, but for the operator as well.

    About EZ-Chow

    EZ Chow offers custom POS-integrated ordering solution for restaurants and other hospitality concepts, using branded mobile, tablet, and web ordering management tools and software. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, our customers report an average 26% increase in takeout and delivery sales after partnering with us. We pride ourselves on delivering a seamless online ordering experience for operators, restaurant staff, and customers. Need online ordering in your restaurant? Go to and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.