Case Study: How One Vegas Restaurant Increased Online Gift Card Sales by 500%

    Sam Marvin, Chef and Restaurateur at Echo & Rig

    Most restaurants only push their gift cards during the holidays, but a partnership with the eGifting app, ItsOnMe, allowed Echo & Rig, a suburban Las Vegas steakhouse, to 5x their online gift card sales year-round. Seamless integration between Echo & Rig’s NCR Aloha point-of-sale, their website, and social media made for a solution that is low cost, high ROI, and easy to share at the click of a button. Best of all? Instead of marketing that discounts the amazing Tomahawk steaks Echo & Rig serves up, each gift card sold at full price and led to 3x the value of the card and new customers when redeemed.

    Echo & Rig, a butcher-to-table steakhouse

    Known for their in-house butcher shop and butcher-to-table experience, Echo & Rig serves up gorgeous plates and drinks made to be shown off on Instagram. It doesn’t hurt that it is headed by Chef Sam Marvin, a chef known for supplying bones for Seigfried’s tigers (as in, Seigfried & Roy) and beating Chef Bobby Flay on the Food Network. But no matter how unique the concept, the idea of an expanded year-round revenue stream and more customers, made their partnership with ItsOnMe worth a try.

    “Omnivore helps create untapped revenue streams and new customers” -David Leibner, ItsOnMe

    ItsOnMe putting a new twist on gift cards

    ItsOnMe added an eGift Card widget to Echo & Rig’s existing website allowing customers to buy a gift card, not only by value, but for specific menu items. Instead of the usual way of giving someone a $40 gift card, someone could gift a friend their favorite cut of meat, bottle of wine, or even the full experience of a three-course meal. This new capability was marketed in-store in the check presenters, but the ItsOnMe widget also added the ability to easily share drool-worthy dishes to Facebook, allowing Echo & Rig to promote and sell their gift cards in the social media posts they were already doing. Imagine having your social media posts convert directly into actual sales!

    The results: restaurant sales beyond location and hours

    In fact, that’s exactly what happened. Each social media post through the eGift Card widget led to a 36 hour boost in gift card sales. At least half of those gift card sales happened in the morning, possibly due to Facebook birthday notifications. This allowed people to buy Echo & Rig gift cards without ever needing to step foot in the restaurant. And the rate of in-store gift card sales was unaffected, meaning that eGift Card sales were above and beyond their usual gift card sales.

    All in all, online gift card sales increased 500% over the previous year.

    And when those gift cards were redeemed, customers typically spent 3x to 7x the original value of the gift card. This made for a marketing campaign that not only involved no discounting at all, but also led to three times the original sale. The ability to promote and sell gift cards online quickly became one of the top three factors in driving new customers to the restaurant.

    Omnivore, for a system that just works together

    By using the Omnivore Agent to connect ItsOnMe’s eGiftCard Widget to Echo & Rig’s existing NCR Aloha POS point-of-sale system, the restaurant was able to seamlessly start taking online gift card sales with no interruption to business at all. No extra kiosks or iPads. No extra staff training. No slowing or downtime on the POS system, and no security issues because Omnivore maintains the highest level of PCI/DSS compliance.

    “If you could make restaurant sales beyond the hours your restaurant is open and outside of its four walls, why wouldn’t you?” –David Liebner, ItsOnMe

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    About ItsOnMe

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