Case Study: How Banff Hospitality Collective Cut Time Spent Scheduling Labor From Eight Hours to One Hour a Week

    Park Distillery

    Scheduling and labor forecasting can easily be a weekly nightmare at any restaurant, but how about in a resort town with anywhere from 80-160 staff depending on the season?

    Banff Hospitality Collective is a hospitality management company based in the resort town of Banff, Alberta, Canada. (Sidenote: Banff was named one of the top travel destinations in the world for 2017 by National Geographic.) They oversee 9 different concepts, two nightclubs, and a bowling alley. Director of Restaurant Operations, Megan Roberts, drove the initiative to cut the hours spent scheduling and forecasting at their largest restaurant – a 260 -seat concept named Park Distillery with a restaurant, shop, and on-site distillery.

    Testing 7shifts Out

    When Megan found 7shifts restaurant scheduling software, she first tested it at Eddie Burger + Bar, a 45-seat concept with a retro diner feel. She then discovered that the manager at Park Distillery was spending eight hours a week on scheduling, and piloted 7shifts there for a year. The pilot went incredibly well.

    “7shifts worked so well, if we hadn’t been allowed to spend money on it, I would have paid for it out of my own pocket.” – Megan Roberts

    How to Cut Time Spent Scheduling by 88%

    Between labor forecasting, creating staff schedules, and the daily distraction of filling employees shifts at the last minute, restaurant managers can spend a significant amount of time just dealing with the labor aspect of the business. Any amount of time saved on labor means more time for managers to focus on restaurant operations and ultimately, the customer. 7shifts delivered some amazing results for Park Distillery.

    You might remember that scheduling previously took managers 8 hours a week. With the use of schedule templates in 7shifts, scheduling is now almost instant, with only an hour max needed to verify and tweak the schedule. That’s a productivity improvement of 88% along with seven more hours that can be shifted back to other restaurant operations.

    Thanks to Omnivore’s POS integration, 7shifts is also able to tie labor costs to sales data to automatically give Banff Hospitality Collective accurate labor forecasts and labor costs calculations – a process that used to take a full day with Excel spreadsheets.

    Megan also loved that the 7shifts app was free to her staff – something that other scheduling apps did not offer. Thanks to the ease of use, filling shifts using the app takes almost no time at all and managers no longer waste time on the phone trying to call someone in.

    Fast, Responsive Support

    Best of all, Omnivore and 7shifts worked together to handle any problems while integrating new technology with Park Distillery’s existing MICROS point-of-sale (POS) system, with 7shifts offering continuing support to make it fit with Park Distillery’s pre-existing workflows.

    “I love that I can contact Kyle at 7shifts with any problems and hear back within 12 hours.” -Megan Roberts

    Park Distillery has now had 7shifts in place for a few years, making staff scheduling in a popular, resort town much easier and freeing up hours of managerial time.

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    About 7shifts:

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